After four years of studying Arabic at university I found out that 7 weeks at YIAL are better than years of just theory!
Teaching is focused approached and the method is really effective, the teachers are skillful and passionate, with them learning has become a pleasure!. The accommodation in the institute is really comfortable; the rooms are spacious and clean, as well as the common spaces. The privacy is always granted and also the security in the building. It has been a really positive and amusing experience that I look forward to repeat! Yemeni people are polite and amazing, knowing them is a real luck!.
Annalisa Gualini, Italy 

“Firstly, thank u for accommodating my studies from level 1 to level 5 of MSA courses and for giving full encouragement throughout my studies at YIAL. It has been a wonderful experience to study at YIAL, one of the most esteemed arabic institutes in Yemen. I hope to continue my studies in Level 6 via online. Thanking you again for your encouragement and warm hospitality at YIAL. ’’ 

Hidayah, Malaysia

’’ I had an amazing experience in Yemen. Thanks to YIAL’s wonderful teachers and staff. Without doubt, they are the most dedicated, helpful and professional group of people I have ever met. There are no words to describe the incredible last thirty days in Yemen, the teachers were beyond impressive, the accommodations were great and the staff went beyond the call of duty to make sure that the students were comfortable and had no other worries than to apply themselves to studying Arabic and enjoying their experience in Yemen. ’’
Fatima Rhodes  , USA

’’ YIAL is surely one of the most welcoming and rewarding places to improve your Arabic. It was wonderful to get to know that the institute is being run by a staff and a director that takes each person’s interest seriously.  Thanks to everyone at YIAL for making my stay so rewarding. ’’
Jamie Schillinger, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, St. Olaf College (Minnesota) , USA

’’ YIAL has a unique philosophy of teaching. The institute has developed curricula to each media Arabic at all levels, including the beginner phases. I can now understand 80-90% of television news programs after 3.5 months of study. If you are looking to become conversant quickly or if you want quality instructions to improve your Arabic Language, it is important that you contact YIAL . ’’
Tamara Lewis  , Lawyer, Netherlands

’’ My time at YIAL has been absolutely terrific. I really enjoyed myself here, especially since we were received with such great Yemeni hospitality. The teachers are excellent, always so patent in explaining the rules of the language. The facilities here also exceeded my expectations, and the trips organized during the weekends were nice. Everything was Mumtaz, but what made my time really great here are the people in YIAL ’’
Hanan  , Undergraduate in Islamic Studies, University of Singapore

’’ When I first landed in Yemen, after an initial problem with the legitimacy of my visa, I was rescued by Assam. From that point forward, I was welcomed into a family. Calling the center an institute truly is a disservice to the experience that I received. YIAL… has become a second family. Their teachers are of the finest caliber and the environment is incredibly hospitable and welcoming. I would like to thank YIAL for a truly incredible stay in Yemen ’’
Adam Karas  , Undergraduate – University of Tennessee

’’ I’ve been studying Arabic since 1988 both in the United States and in the Arab world and I have rarely found a setting as amenable to improving one’s language skills as I did at YIAL. The institute director Abduljaleel Al-Bazeli runs a highly efficient school and the teachers he has selected are dedicated and experienced. I would not hesitate to recommend Yemen and YIAL as the ideal settings for cross-cultural understanding and language immersion. I had wonderful experiences at YIAL that will last a lifetime. ’’
Harvey Stark  , PhD Candidate in Religious Studies, Princeton University

’’ As a teacher of 22 years experience in 5 countries, I know a well–run school when I see one, and YIAL is one of the best in any country. ’’
Guff Holland  , English Professor, University of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah