Testimonials for online courses

Daniel Baker

“My wife and I have both been studying with YIAL for almost a year now both as a group and individuals. We love the way the teaching is structured and that we are being able to learn commonly used language that is helpful to us in our daily lives. The teaching is very flexible and delivered to fit the needs and desire of the student. I had tried to learn Arabic previously while I was in University and I didn’t get very far. I feel like I am constantly progressing in my lessons with YIAL. The content is challenging but fun, which really helps me to stick with it. The hardest part in learning Arabic is figuring out how to start, so take my advice and start today with YIAL. You won’t regret it!


One big challenge in learning another language is hearing from and practicing with native speakers. YIAL’s online program meets that challenge by providing flexible worldwide access to skilled Arabic teachers! Why settle for a classroom teacher who speaks Arabic only when he teaches when you can have one-on-one or small group time with a teacher who speaks Arabic all day every day? My favorite part of my online lessons is chatting in Arabic with my teacher! And my reading and writing skills are growing as we interact via chat and the whiteboard.

YIAL staff and teachers have been providing top-notch Arabic lessons and practice in the context of the rich Yemeni culture for years. Enrolling in YIAL is a bit like joining a Yemeni family of people who love language, culture, and country. (Studying on site in Yemen is fabulous!) The online program is a natural extension of the family educational experience that YIAL offers. Anyone can now take part by turning on his or her computer. YIAL plus technology is a powerful combination.


“Within four weeks of intensive advanced Arabic at YIAL, I managed to not only brush up my rusty knowledge of Arabic, but also gain enough confidence in daily communication. After having learned four other foreign languages, I have refined the skill of recognizing professional language teachers, and YIAL teachers are the best I have met so far. My experience of learning Arabic at YIAL was so rewarding that I wished to hold on to it and started online classes in August. Thanks to YIAL, the available technology and flexibility of hours, I can continue exploring the richness of the Arabic language at my convenience.”


“I am a Canadian student currently in Canada taking beginner level Arabic via online format with YIAL. I find the material and teaching style to be effective, fun and challenging. My teacher is very patient and encouraging. Despite being in an online format, I can confidently say that it is just as effective and productive learning online as in person in a classroom. This is due to the technology and online tools that we have such as online whiteboards and voice chats. I would most definitely recommend students, who want to learn Arabic from afar to learn with YIAL. All you need is motivation, inspiration, the will to learn and a little bit of encouragement and guidance from YIAL!”


“I think the most important thing is I felt REAL progress. I learned many useful expressions that I can use in everyday life. You can tell the teacher loves his job. He is patient, extremely competent and has a great sense of humor. The course is rigorous and the explanations always clear: for example the teacher will take the time to use a new word in several sentences so you can understand its different meanings. I definitely recommend online courses with YIAL.”


“In a short period of time, I have progressed from no Arabic to readily conversational. I am so very thankful that I can continue to study online with YIAL through the current conflict.”


“My speaking has improved noticeable. I’m not any longer ashamed to speak Arabic. Absolutely I will continue with yial online progam.”