We offer a number of courses of study that you can choose from, based on your interest and level of Arabic. Whether you are a beginner looking for a strong foundation in Arabic, or a more advanced student seeking further training in specific areas, we have highly-developed courses of study to meet your needs.

Foundational Courses in MSA (Modern Standard Arabic):

We offer two different foundational systems of study for Modern Standard Arabic.

Completion of either set of foundational courses is roughly equivalent to three years of Arabic study at Western Universities. The main difference is that our graduates not only attain proficiency in reading and writing, but also gain real fluency in speaking and comprehension – skills often lacking in those who take their university’s courses only.

Standard 9-Level Course in MSA:

A majority of our students are enrolled in this standard series of courses as it is roughly equivalent to the system of study in Western universities, allowing for continuity of study. These courses utilize standard Arabic textbooks, supplemented with some of our own texts, audiovisual aids, and computer programs. Read more about this program…

Growing Participant Approach:

This series of courses, ideal for those studying Arabic for the first time but also useful for others wanting to focus on comprehension and speaking focuses, it focuses on the social function of language, aiming to develop the socio-linguistic capabilities of the student instead of focusing merely on the rote memorization of vocabulary and grammars. Read more about this program…

Advanced Arabic Courses:

We also offer a number of advanced Arabic courses to those who have a desire to pursue a particular topic or area of the language and who have a strong foundation in Arabic. In the past, we have provided a wide variety of advanced courses to professionals, graduate students and professors doing research, and many people simply with a keen interest in pursuing greater study in a particular area of the language.

Due to repeated requests, we have developed programs with appropriate texts for the following areas and generally have at least a couple students taking these advanced courses:
• Arabic of Qur’an and Hadith
• Media Arabic
• Yemeni Colloquial Arabic
• Grammar & Morphology
• Literature and Literary Criticism
• Yemeni Culture. Read more about this program…

The Arabic Club For Kids

The Yemen Institute for the Arabic Language (YIAL) believes that the Arabic Club For Kids, is an excellent Children’s school for Arabic Language in Yemen. It is largely based on careful and ongoing research into both teaching methods and children’s education to provide an excellent and stimulating learning environment for your children.

YIAL believes that children need to have fun as well as learn, and here at the Arabic Club For Kids, with a clearly thought-out materials and resources and a superb line up of devoted Arabic teachers working on our teaching methods, classes .We will ensure that they will be doing the best of both. more.…

Academic Credit:

At the end of each course, successful students are entitled to a “course completion certificate”, certified by the Yemeni Ministry of Education and containing details on the student’s performance throughout the course. more.…