Yemeni Arabic

Yemeni Arabic Courses

Beginner Low

The learner will acquire basic knowledge of Yemeni Arabic  such as understanding everyday expressions, and phrases in the house, with friends,  and in the market.  But this knowledge is limited.

Beginner High

The learner will be familiar with frequently used face to face Yemeni expressions, and conversations on daily routine matters, but the content is limited and supported by situational context.  He can ask and answer questions, understands main ideas of the noncomplex conversations, and will be able to write down simple notes and messages from the exchanges learnt but with mistakes.

Intermediate Low

Based on the knowledge he has acquired, the learner can participate in a variety of uncomplicated communicative tasks in the daily simple conversations with locals on several topics.  S/he acquires  several Yemeni expressions and proverbs and attempts to use them in the proper situations.

Intermediate High

The learner can handle a variety of complicated communicative tasks with locals on several topics, but still with mistakes.  S/he will be able to use properly the expressions and sayings from Yemen culture.


The learner can understand longer conversations on several factual and fictional topics from Yemen culture, and s/he will recognize implicit meaning.  S/he can understand with ease virtually everything heard round him from locals.  At this stage the learner will be introduced to Yemeni stories, songs, and jokes.