Based on YIAL’s mission to introduce Arabic language and culture to international students, we are pleased to offer four online scholarships every year for undergraduate students based on outstanding academic performance.  Each scholarship covers 25 hours of interactive instruction one to one and to be covered in three weeks.  We will schedule these 4 scholarships through the year, so we will offer one scholarship each quarter.

The process:

Students can apply for these scholarships throughout the year starting February 5th each year.

We will review and evaluate applications each quarter in order to determine the successful applicant.  Then, we will contact him/her.  One applicant will be chosen each quarter, and s/he will start the Arabic course the following quarter.

Applicants should provide the following (email to

  1. A cover letter explaining their interest in studying Arabic at YIAL.
  2. One letter of recommendation (from his/her university professor).
  3. An up-to-date copy of their university transcript.
  4. A copy of their passport.
  5. fill the application form 

Apply Now