Welcome to Online Arabic at YIAL:

When YIAL online program started in 2008, the original target audience of YIAL Online was our cadre of professional students – journalists, businesspeople, diplomats, etc. – who could not dedicate entire months of their time to pursue Arabic or who wished to maintain their level of Arabic after having taken intensive courses at our institute.

After our success in teaching Arabic online, YIAL opened the program to all students, and offering all YIAL programs (MSA, GPA, and Advanced courses). Whether you are a university student wishing to brush up before an exam, an archaeologist hoping to consolidate communication skills for an dig in the Middle East, a journalist trying to build vocabulary before investigating a story, a traveler heading towards Yemen, a graduate wishing to maintain your fluency in Arabic, an aid worker with an interest in the Middle East, or simply wish to begin your personal quest to learn Arabic, YIAL Online can help you achieve your goals.

The YIAL Online program is an affordable and highly flexible way to continue or start your Arabic language experience.  It includes a range of tasks and support materials presented to you in an organized fashion, creating and facilitating an enjoyable and richly rewarding method of learning Arabic.  All online classes are taught one-to-one so that teachers can tailor lessons to the needs of each individual student.  Now, we started the program for couples and students who live together, and we are planning to offer it even for students in different locations.
Online study is also the perfect solution for those students who wish to attend the institute, but have difficulty obtaining an entry visa. By studying online you can benefit from the outstanding expertise of our team and break the barriers of travel.